March Birth Month

Read more about March Birth Month and find out what it reveals about your personality if you were born in March month.

March Birth Month

March Birth Flower: Jonquil or Daffodil

March Birth Stone: Aquamarine, Bloodstone, Jade and Rock Crystal.

March Birth Zodiac Signs: Pisces (Mar 1-20) and Aries (Mar 21-31)

Compatible Birth Months: May, June, July, November and January.

Personality traits of March born people:
March born people generally have a beautiful and charming personality. They are generous people, who are fair and kind by nature. These people are usually friendly, helpful and warm by nature. They love to dream, and enjoy traveling. They are trustworthy, but revengeful people. They love all the attention they can seek, and are quite secretive and shy.

Love life of March born people:
March born people are peaceful and serene in their relationships, but often take quick and hasty decisions while choosing a life partner. They are usually loyal and honest in their relationships.

Career of March born people:
They are very good observers and analysts, who are ever kind to the people around them. They are good for professions like entrepreneurs, soldiers and rescue workers. Also, they can be good in the fields of politics and television.

March Birthdays:
March birthdays: Bruce Willis, Eva Mendes, Elton John, Quetin Tarantino, Eric Clapton and many more.