July Birth Month

Read more about July Birth Month and find out what it reveals about your personality if you were born in July month.

July Birth Month

July Birth Flower: Delphinium, Larkspur or Water Lily.

July Birth Stone: July birth stone: Ruby and Carnelian.

July Birth Zodiac Signs: Cancer (July 1-22) and Leo (July 23-31)

Compatible Birth Months: September, October, November, March and April.

Personality traits of July born people:
July born people are fun, honest and sarcastically humorous. They are temperamental and very emotional people, who tend to get hurt easily. Most times, they tend to be quiet and secretive. They are quite proud of themselves and are often respected by people. These people usually posses a strong sense of sympathy. July people, in general, are sappy but not revengeful. They are good at studies and are academically successful. They tend to enjoy their lonely times, and have a forgiving nature. They are quite prone to stomach related sickness.

Love life of July born people:
They are caring people, but when hurt emotionally, take time to recover. They usually tend to love people, who love them.

Career of July born people:
They are good observers and can judge people quite well. They are hardworking, concerned and sharp at work. They are good for professions like CEOs, stage performers, tour guides, estate agents, and interior designers.

July Birthdays:
Tom Cruise, Sylvester Stallone, Tom Hanks, Jennifer Lopez, Wesley Snipes, Lisa Kudrow and many more.