April Birth Month

Read more about April Birth Month and find out what it reveals about your personality if you were born in April month.

April Birth Month

April Birth Flower: Sweet Pea or Daisy

April Birth Stone: Diamond, Opal, Quartz, White Sapphire.

April Birth Zodiac Signs: Aries (Apr 1-19) and Taurus (Apr 20-30)

Compatible Birth Months: December, January, February, June and July.

Personality traits of April born people:
April born people are charming, dynamic and caring. They are adventurous people, who are emotional and brave by nature. They love to seek attention and are always active and hasty. These people are usually generous and sophisticated. April people are generally friendly and helpful in life. They may usually suffer from certain head and chest related illnesses at later stages in life.

Love life of April born people:
They are loving people, who are good at relationships. April born people tend to get jealous quite easily.

Career of April born people:
They are always motivating others, which makes them an excellent team player. Their diplomatic nature also helps them in the professional run. They are good for professions like accountants, engineers, lawyers, and chefs.

April Birthdays:
Russel Crowe, Jackie Chan, Uma Thurman, Penolope Cruz, Al Pacino and many more.